Ex-congressman convicted of financial crimes

Former Republican Rep. Steve Stockman, a onetime tea party activist who had a flair for disrupting the establishment in Washington, has been convicted on 23 counts related to financial crimes.

A jury in Houston returned the verdicts for the former Texas congressman, who was charged with defrauding conservative mega-donors and funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into personal and campaign expenses.

According to the Texas Tribune, a jury on Thursday ruled Stockman guilty of all but one of the 24 felony counts, clearing him of a count of wire fraud.

His defense team said the verdict will be appealed, and supporters pointed to the case of former Texas Republican congressman Tom DeLay, whose conviction and prison sentence for election law conspiracy was overturned several years later when an appeals court ruled the evidence was “insufficient.”

“Mr. Stockman is keeping his head up and we’re looking forward to getting through to the next



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