Even His CNN Colleagues Expressing Disgust With Jim Acosta’s Antics

A good journalist covers a story a lousy one becomes the story.

While CNN has several other problems to deal with at the moment, the actions of one particular personality of theirs just keep getting more unnerving.

That person is Jim Acosta, CNN reporter often assigned to the White House press briefing room, who has been making life a living hell for anyone within earshot.  Certainly, we’d expect CNN to send a left-leaning twerp to cover the liberally-hated Trump administration, but what Acosta has accomplished is so much more infuriating than your average looney liberal’s slander.

Acosta has, for all intents and purposes, been attempting to garner a great deal of attention to himself by consistently aggravating whoever has taken the podium at the end of the President’s workday.  His confrontations have become so brazen and obnoxious that even his fellow “journalists” at CNN have begun to express their disdain for Acosta’s

Andrew West

Andrew West

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