Ethics Watchdog Claims DNC Chair Tom Perez Violated Law

Tom Perez’s tenure as the Chairman of the Democratic Party has gotten off to a bad start. First, he was criticized for his frequent use of cuss words in his Party Unity Tour speeches. Then he got knocked by his own party for doing a lousy job of fundraising, a primary responsibility of a party chair. Now a watchdog group, The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that he mishandled the leftover campaign funds from his race for DNC Chairman.

FACT has asked the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate campaign violations by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its Chairman, Tom Perez. FACT’s complaint maintains that DNC Chairman Tom Perez illegally transferred funds from his campaign account used to fund his chairman’s race to pay off the debts of his former opponents.

In 2016, Perez established “Team Tom,”



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