Establishment GOP Collusion Found In False Roy Moore Allegations! We KNEW It!

I said in the very beginning that I believed Mitch McConnell and the Establishment GOP had their fingerprints all over the false Roy Moore accusations as they were sore losers over Luther Strange.

It seems now, there is some definite truth to the matter, as it has been outed that Tim Miller, a Republican operative and an ex-Jeb Bush staffer, admitted planting the anti-Roy Moore story in the Washington Post.

What I want to know is how much did Mitch McConnell know and when did he know it. He was ready almost immediately after the story hit to call for Roy Moore to stand down. It was almost like he was prepared.

Anyway, here is the story from Breitbart and BigLeaguePolitics:

A Friday Big League Politics report claims Tim Miller, a Republican operative prominent in the “Never Trump” movement, helped pitch the Washington Post story in which the first allegations of



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