ESPN Punts on MNF – Please Stand And Remove Your Hats For A Commercial Break

ESPN takes a knee on Monday Night Football by cutting to a commercial break while the national anthem is played.

I’m sure that the NFL and ESPN would love for the entire kneeling issue to go away as it has blown up in their faces.

Ratings are dropping off the charts and the NFL brand could be irreparably tarnished. Monday Night Football brought in more low numbers. The players at the game in Chicago actually all stood for the anthem according to State Represetative John Cabello.

Every @NFL player stood for tonight’s National Anthem! Thank you @ChicagoBears , @Vikings @realDonaldTrump @CLewandowski_

— John M. Cabello (@JohnCabello) October 10, 2017

However, rather than capitilize on that gesture of goodwill to the nations flag, ESPN cut to a commercial break and literally shot themselves in the foot again.

According to IJR:

It seems that the NFL and its broadcast



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