Epic Struggle on Wall Street for Future of Herbalife

Bill Ackman thought he had found a genius idea for a new investment model. All he had to do was take a massive short position, to the tune of $1 billion, on a successful company and then do everything in his power to try to destroy it. Ackman did just that to leading nutrition and weight management company, Herbalife Nutrition. But even with the many lobbyists, attorneys and government cronies Ackman has sicked on Herbalife; the company continues to rise above his desperate attempts to put personal profit over a 37-year-old company that employs thousands of people.

In 2004 Ackman partnered with Leucadia National to form hedge fund company, Pershing Square Capital Management. Since forming his company, he has made similar unsuccessful attempts to manipulate McDonald’s and Wendy’s stock prices. This last March, in his biggest loss to date, Ackman had to admit Pershing Square made many mistakes and were



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