EPIC FAIL: Sword Vs. Watermelon Ends In Cringe Worthy Injury [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

So, you know that friend you have that says “hey guys, check this out,” and you just know to get 911 on speed dial? Yeah, we all know that guy. He is permanently banned from pool parties and hunting trips.

Well, apparently, he got a samurai sword, and decided to make a video demonstrating his mad ninja skills on a defenseless watermelon. You are going to crack up when you watch what happens next in this video.

Well, certainly the girl in the video gets the award for calling the shot before it happens. But who could have possibly guessed it would end so badly?

Apparently, anyone.

Still, the guy did have a really cool samurai sword, which got us to wondering about this almost mythic warrior class. We did some research and…



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