Entire High School Football Team Takes a Knee (Seattle)

Colin Kaepernick should be proud, I guess. He has managed to single-handedly make it cool to disrespect our nations flag in the name of what?

Social justice? Give me a break.

Maybe the coaches and the parents should teach their kids that life isn’t fair, but you go on. In spite of injustice, you are free to do or become anything you want to in America…no matter what color you are.

Videos are from the Seattle Times:

In America, the color of our flag unites us. Apparently, the coaches and the parents of these kids don’t understand the high cost of freedom.

If you’ve ever been handed an American flag folded like a triangle, you understand.

Interview with Coach Joey Thomas:

This coach is real proud of his players and what he calls the “player led” protest over social justice that they plan to keep up all year.



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