Elon Musk: The Beloved Taxpayer Abuser

In the award-winning Tom Hanks classic Forrest Gump, Jenny Curran was attracted to scores of bad guys —  alcoholics, abusers, and mentally unstable individuals. Jenny’s poor decisionmaking forged her a tough life, plain and simple. But at least she was smart enough to call it quits on each toxic relationship and move on. Shortly before her death, Jenny managed to finally right the ship of her chaotic life by settling down with Forrest, her longtime best friend.

Unfortunately, government bureaucrats aren’t as smart as Jenny. They thrive on poisonous situations and even propagate them. They simply don’t know how to walk away.

Case in point: Washington’s love and support for Elon Musk despite his continuous mishandling of taxpayer dollars.

Last week, Musk’s SpaceX won a new $112 million dollar NASA contract, and conservative groups across the country are scratching their heads wondering what the company to deserve these funds.




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