Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Pledge to Work With Trump on Economic Issues

Since the article I published earlier today had a more negative tone, I want to end the day on a more positive note. As I explained in yesterday’s piece, I want Trump to be successful because our fellow countrymen and women need him to succeed. This isn’t an episode of Game of Thrones, this is real life and millions of Americans are in deep pain.

In order to be a truly great president, Trump needs to unite as many Americans as possible around his agenda. On the positive front, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have both pledged to work with Trump in order to help our less fortunate fellow citizens get back on the right track. I really hope this happens.

As David Sirota highlighted at International Business Times:

During his unorthodox Republican presidential campaign, Donald Trump at times touted his support for longtime progressive causes, promising to reform trade dealsinvest in…



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