Early Thanksgiving: Murder mastermind Charles Manson is dead

Murder mastermind and cult leader Charles Manson is finally dead. (Screen capture, YouTube, ABC News)

Three days before Thanksgiving, America appears to have something for which to be thankful: murder mastermind Charles Manson is dead.

He is being remembered today as the monster who sent his crazy cult followers to butcher actress Sharon Tate, then 8 ½ months pregnant, and four other people at her home in Los Angeles, and the following night they killed again, this time murdering grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary. It was the summer of 1969.

Today, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, who interviewed Manson, has this to say in a recollection:

“Personally, I feel no mercy for the low-life whose enduringly perverse popularity was testimony to something dark in America’s psyche.”

For days leading up to Manson’s death, there had been a series of fake news reports that he had already



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