Duke Professor: Libertarians ‘Seem to be on the Autism Spectrum’

It’s getting easier to roll my eyes at the liberal nutjobs that teach at our colleges and universities. At the same time, there is a frightening realization that these are the people who have an enormous influence on the political beliefs of the largest voting bloc there is, millennials.

Most kids go to college with a flimsy world view and these professors are like rock stars to these students. We shouldn’t underestimate the influence they can have.

Attacking anyone who isn’t a liberal is their speciality, but instead of using any kind of logic to hash out the issues, liberals like to go straight for the brainless arguments, you know, racism, hate, that kind of thing.

But at Duke University, one professor took it one step further, saying she believes conservatives and libertarians are actually “on the autism spectrum” because apparently autistic people, she believes, are heartless and unable



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