Donna Brazile: Video of Hillary collapsing sparked concern she might have to be replaced

Screengrab: YouTube

While discussing her new book, “Hacks,” former interim DNC head Donna Brazile told talk show host Hugh Hewitt that the viral video of Hillary Clinton collapsing at a September 11, 2016 event in New York City, sparked concern that she might have to be replaced as the Democrat Party nominee for the White House.

“You know, when I was talking to the staff people early that morning, they kept telling me well, she’s overheated. I said you don’t say that. You never say that about a woman being overheated. That’s just sexist jargon,” she told Hewitt.

“I said what’s wrong with her. I saw her on Friday night. She’s under the weather. What’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong. Go get a doctor and make a good analysis. When she came out and smiled and looked at the little girl, I’m like okay, I had hoped that a doctor



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