Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary – Feminists Lose Their Minds

Last night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met for their first presidential debate. The big story was that Trump repeatedly interrupted and talked over Clinton.

It is sad commentary on the entire debate if the candidates interrupting one another is the “big story”.

Feminists immediately seized the opportunity to decry Trump as sexist and his behavior as misogynist:

To the men amazed Clinton hasn’t snapped: Every woman you know has learned to do this. This is our life in this society. #debatenight

— E. Van Every (@E_VanEvery) September 27, 2016

How many women can relate to being interrupted & talked over right now?#PresidentialDebate

— Coya Hope (@coyahope) September 27, 2016

So many women watching are cringing, thinking back to the times men have interrupted, screamed over, & belittled them. #debatenight

— Shelby Knox (@ShelbyKnox) September 27, 2016

Through interruptions, lies, and dog-whistle sexism…



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