Does This Sex Robot Prove Transgender is a Choice?

Transgender people want to be taken seriously, be treated equally – but not in the Sex Robot industry, apparently because it might “sexualize” them… Isn’t their sex the whole point?

Listen, I think I need a scorecard.

Turns out, there’s a big market for “transgender” sex robots, but trans activists warn there’s risks of sexualising trans people…

SO: They’re FOR mainstreaming transgender, but not if people are going to seek them out because of a fetish or **gasp – preference!

That will not do.

And that’s where the robots come in. Yeah, thought I forgot about that, didn’t you?

IMAGE: Realbotix – famous around the world for creating sexy robot companions

Realbotix , the Californian start-up responsible for the female Harmony sex droid is now considering making a transgender robot too, for those who .. um.. have trouble making up their minds? I really don’t know – but this does



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