Does anyone at CNN know what a real fascist is?

The term ‘fascist’ has become so abused and misused that the real meaning of the term is becoming obscured by the alt-left and their compliant media. CNN is no exception to the misuse of the term. You can go to social media and also see that the term is being redefined to suit the liberal narrative. Here is what was called fascist today. CNN needs to get a real life.

As Written and Reported By Charlie Nash for Breitbart: 

CNN called Thomas the Tank Engine and Paw Patrol “fascist cartoons” in an article on Friday, days before children around the globe will find toys from the popular shows under the Christmas tree.

In the article, titled “Why kids love ‘fascist’ cartoons like ‘Paw Patrol’ and ‘Thomas,’” CNN contributor Elissa Strauss claimed children are “drawn to worlds in which identities are fixed, order trumps imagination and transgressions are met with routine punishment.”

“This clash between what



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