Doctor’s ID concealed in ‘bungled’ abortion

Planned Parenthood

A lawsuit against Planned Parenthood alleges the abortion industry giant, which takes hundreds of millions of dollars a year from taxpayers, concealed the identity of an abortionist accused, along with a nurse, of bungling a late-term abortion.

Operation Rescue, which maintains a database of information on abortionists at, spotlighted the details in a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood and its Worcester, Massachusetts, clinic.

OR Senior Vice President Cheryl Sullenger pointed out that while the lawsuit names Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts Inc. and the nurse practitioner, Rebecca Kreiger, there is no mention of the abortionist.

That’s because Planned Parenthood redacted the abortionist’s name from the medical records of the pregnant woman, Celina Casas.

The complaint states: “On or about March 12, 2015, a doctor, whose name is redacted from the medical records and whose identity is unknown, performed the first step in a two-step abortion at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Worcester by softening the cervix.”

Casas experienced a



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