Do you know where your lawmaker is sleeping tonight?

How many of you know where your lawmaker sleeps at night? Is that something that should even concern you? Why does a Congressman think that he or she would project a frugal image by doing that? It smacks of cheapness or something else. Who makes up the rules that allow something like that to take place? 

As Written and Reported by Chad Pergram for Fox News:

They may be members of Congress, but they didn’t sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night. They probably slept in their offices on Capitol Hill.

When Congress meets, dozens of lawmakers catch their z’s in the Spartan accommodations of the Rayburn Ramada, the Longworth Motel 6 or the Cannon Airbnb.

It’s a nightly ritual in the halls of Congress. Lawmakers retreat to their offices in the Rayburn, Longworth and Cannon House Office buildings, inflate an air mattress or wheel out a rollaway cot, 



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