Do Western Feminists Hate Muslim Women?

Feminists in the west must hate Muslim women.

The left in America spends so much of its time and energy battling “Islamophobia,” Israel, and conservatives as forces of evil. Oftentimes, they fight so hard against these things that they end up partnering with the Islamofascists who are aligned with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other such organizations. In the West, left-wing feminism is the “Useful Idiot” that Islamist theocrats appreciate the most, because they ignore the plight of Muslim women.

The partnership has become so toxic that in a debate with conservatives you might even hear feminists defending the cultural practices and intolerance of the Muslim world because the greater evil is the “patriarchal” white hegemony in the West. It’s sad, laughable, and suicidal… but the left continues to team with the forces of radical Islam in the fight to destroy the West.




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