DNC Hack Involved Russian Agents ‘Within The Democratic Party’…SERIOUSLY???

DNC was hacked by Russian agents from withing the Democratic Party….SERIOUSLY?

If you seriously believe the story by Christopher Steele that the DNC was hacked by Russian agents….I have some swamp land to sell you in Florida. There were no ‘Russian agents’! Come on man! Without Seth Rich there is NO hacking story!

Shortly after WikiLeaks released emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on July 26, 2016, former UK spy Christopher Steele filed a memo with his employer, Fusion GPS, claiming that the DNC “hack” during the 2016 election involved Russian agents “within the Democratic Party structure itself,” The New Yorker reports.

On July 26, 2016, after WikiLeaks disseminated the D.N.C. e-mails, Steele filed yet another memo, this time claiming that the Kremlin was “behind” the hacking,which was part of a Russian cyber war against Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Many of the details seemed far-fetched: Steele’s sources claimed that the digital attack involved agents



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