DNC Chair Tom Perez Avoids Supporting Pelosi

DNC Leader, former labor secretary, and a master of inappropriate cussing at public meetings,  Tom Perez had a hard time saying whether or not Nancy Pelosi should remain in party leadership. During an appearance on WFAA-TV’s Inside Texas Politics program on Tuesday he was asked the question twice and tap-danced around the answer. Some have suggested (especially after the Georgia 6th district special election) that as the Democratic Party rebuilds it needs new faces as much as it needs new ideas).

When asked whether Pelosi should step away, Perez countered with:

“Well listen, the Affordable Care Act has been a life saver. Nancy Pelosi is one of the two or three people singularly responsible for the passage of the Affordable Care Act. What we’ve seen from Donald Trump is he doesn’t know how to govern. He can’t get things done. He claims he’s the wheeler dealer and he can’t close the deal.



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