Did Hillary Clinton just pull off the dirtiest dirty trick in the book?

Just when you think Hillary Clinton can’t surprise you anymore this comes along. It may not be as dirty as some of the things that Conservatives have accused her of in the past (or recent history) but somewhere along the way she truly got the idea that she is absolutely untouchable. That she can do whatever she wants. And WE THE PEOPLE cannot let this stand!

As Written and Reported By Michael Goodwin for the New York Post:

For law enforcement, Congress and even journalists, exposing misdeeds is like peeling an onion. Each layer you remove gets you closer to the truth.

So it is with the scandalous behavior of the FBI during its probe into whether President Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia in 2016. One layer at a time, we’re learning how flawed and dirty that probe was.

A top layer involves the texts between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and



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