Despicable smear: NY Daily News hammered after ‘vile and misleading’ attempt to tie Florida shooter to NRA

In a disgusting attempt to tie the National Rifle Association to the recent Florida school shooting, the New York Daily News claimed that Nikolas Cruz, the suspect who admitted gunning down 17 students and staffers at his former Florida high school, “honed his deadly marksmanship through a grant from the National Rifle Association.”  The front page of the paper falsely declares that Cruz was “trained by the NRA.” 

The NYDN then wrote:

In 2016, the gun lobby group’s fund-raising and charitable arm, the National Rifle Association Foundation, paid $10,827 to the gunman’s after school air-rifle team — part of a multimillion-dollar program to encourage youth shooting clubs.

The grant took place two years ago and helped fund an air-rifle team.  So, where’s the actual news?  That’s right, there is none.  This is a prime example of clickbait garbage and propaganda intended not to provide any real information,



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