Dershowitz warns political differences turning into crime

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz

Longtime civil-liberties lawyer and commentator on all things legal Alan Dershowitz says that Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation should end.

If it continues, he warned, it could lead to the practice of turning political differences into crime.

“I think the investigation should end and I think the Congress should appoint a special non-partisan commission,” said Dershowitz in an interview with the CBS TV affiliate in Dallas-Forth Worth.

Political reporter Jack Fink asked him about Mueller’s investigation, which originally was supposed to look into claims of Trump campaign collusion with Russia. It has produced no evidence of that, but by the subjects Mueller’s interviewing and the questions he’s asking, it appears he’s gone far afield from his original assignment.

Dershowitz noted that other Western democracies “don’t appoint a special counsel and tell them to ‘Get that guy.’”

“That’s what they did in the Soviet Union. Lavrentiy Beria,



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