Dershowitz, Bannon offer Trump advice on crippling Mueller

(New York Magazine) With his legal team in tatters and his advances to high-profile Washington, D.C., lawyers spurned, President Trump is growing increasingly desperate for advice on how to fight back against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into 2016 election interference. So desperate, Politico reports, that he’s asking for advice “from virtually any attorney who calls him up,” including Fox News host Jeanine Pirro and his preferred talking head of the moment, Alan Dershowitz.

The retired Harvard law professor has endeared himself to Trump by going on TV and saying things such as: “There never should have been a special counsel appointed.” This week, he’s twice met with the president. Though his public comments make it clear he has many opinions on the Mueller probe, Dershowitz insists that he hasn’t offered Trump legal advice in private. Politico hears otherwise, reporting that Dershowitz has advised Trump on his



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