Dennis Prager Makes Heartfelt Apology To President Trump

Dennis Prager of Prager University was not a fan of candidate Donald Trump.  Mr. Prager saw no redeeming qualities in Mr. Trump. He would have had any other Republican candidate before him. Now he admits that he was wrong. Look what he says about the Presidency of Donald trump so far. Trump’s redeeming quality. Trump doesn’t give a damn about the media. And there is even more.

As Written and Reported By Roberty Kraychick for Breitbart: 

“My opposition to Donald Trump was wrong,” said Dennis Prager, describing Donald Trump as a “great president” whose political successes are connected to a disregard for the left-wing and partisan Democrat news media narratives.

Prager’s comments came during Thursday’s episode of his eponymous radio show. While Prager has said that Trump was his last choice during the Republican primaries, he supported him vigorously in the general election against Hillary Clinton.

“The only way to govern [while advancing] the



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