Dems having ‘mass panic attacks’ over citizenship question

The U.S. Census taken every 10 years helps decide many important issues, such as the allocation of seats in Congress and the division of federal funds based on population.

But why is the left so terrified of the idea of asking people if they are citizens or not?

It took only hours after the question was added to the Census that more than a dozen Democratic-leaning states had announced plans to sue.

An active federal lawsuit could actually endanger the congressional allocations and funding formulas by delaying the implementation of the results of the survey, which will be done in 2020.

Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh explained the left’s motivation.

“What happens when people find out that the number of illegals here is not 12 million, that it’s 20 or 30, that we are supporting and providing education and health care and all that to, and that they just keep coming.



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