Demonstrators Hold ‘Flotilla For Peace’ In Front of Pentagon

A “Flotilla for Peace” was held in front of the Pentagon on Sunday to demonstrate against war, The Hill reported.

At the protest, demonstrators held signs reading “No oils for wars! No wars for oil!”

The demonstration was organized by the Backbone Campaign and World Beyond War, and comes a few days ahead of a conference to be held starting September 22 in Washington.

World Beyond War director David Swanson wrote in Scoop that the conference is intended to press for a halt to “Sixteen years of endless wars, endless spending, endless killing, endless dying, endless environmental destruction, endless erosion of our rights, endless suppression of activism, endless militarization of police, endless promotion of bigotry and hatred, endless generation of hatred and terrorism, endless threats of nuclear apocalypse.”

Listed on the organization’s website as a special guest speaker at the conference is Chelsea Manning, a former U.S. soldier who was



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