Democrats Fleeing Blue States, Infecting Red States With Failed Liberal Disease

Several new reports find that America’s deepest blue states and cities are losing citizens by the millions as Democrats flee their failed socialist utopias for greener — or shall we say redder — pastures in the country’s successful, Republican-run states. But like rats bringing the plague everywhere they go, Democrats only bring their stupid liberal ideas and voting patterns with them setting the stage for ruining the very places they thought would be their refuge.

According to the latest United Van Lines year-end list, the top five states people are leaving is made up mostly of liberal, Democrat infested states. Of the top five worst states, only the last, Kansas, has a GOP dominated government. The other four Illinois (a state that usually tops nearly every metric that marks a failed state), New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut are all hopelessly Democrat.

Another liberal state that is losing citizens

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