Democrats Conduct Internal Poll and the Results are Looking Good…for Republicans!

Believe it or not, primaries are starting in a few short weeks and will continue across the country through the summer. As usual, the entire House of Representatives will be up for grabs and there will be 34 Senate races in the November midterms.

Both sides of the aisle are trying their best to predict what is seen to be a referendum on President Trump. Will the Republicans be able to maintain their hold on both chambers of Congress? Not if the MSM has any say about it.

However, the MSM only has so much power these days when paychecks are telling the real story and the President can talk directly to the people via Twitter. Try as they might, the MSM can’t shield people from the everyday reality that President Trump has been WINNING.

I know! I know! Polls can get it wrong! They generally favor the Democrats

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