Democrats Blame NRA for Mass Shooters, but the Numbers Are Clear: None Are Members

As much as we try to enforce the laws, there always seems to be problems within our bureaucracy. As we discovered in the recent shooting in Texas, the fact is had the history of Devin Kelley, his mental health and criminal past been entered into the data base of the NCIS, Kelley would have never been allowed to purchase a gun in the first place. But Democrats and the MSM don’t want to talk about those facts.

Just like clockwork Democrats and liberals came out against guns and demanded more gun control. Of course, the Democrats cast blame for the atrocity on the National Rifle Association, as if the organization itself helped pull the trigger to murder innocent people. But the fact is…

No NRA members have ever committed a mass shooting.

Following through on that smear of America’s oldest civil rights organization — dedicated to protecting the natural right to



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