Democrats are Using Dreamers as Leverage

Nancy Pelosi’s Botoxed face kept her from crying crocodile tears for the alleged victims of Donald Trump. “It was dangerous” what Trump had told the country on how to handle illegal aliens.

Speaking on the approximately 700,000 illegal aliens in America, Trump has been laying out the need to resolve the legal fates of the aliens in recent weeks, starting with the State of the Union address. One of Trump’s criticisms on the illegal alien crisis is that the Democrats are only raising their voice in protest because they see the possible deportation of these people as a “campaign issue.”

Since deporting the illegals and building the wall was the chief campaign issue pushed by Trump himself, it’s not far off to suggest that Democrats in turn are presenting the exact opposite approach. Trump wants a wall, and the Democrats want “open borders.” Trump wants to deport illegals, especially the ones



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