Democrats and the Mainstream Media Had Better Not Underestimate President Trump

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich explains why the Democrats and the mainstream media had better never underestimate Trump. What Mr. Speaker has observed is a man who is totally engaged, puts the right people in the right places, and above all, he listens. The President listens and learns on a rate overlooked by his detratctors. Mr. Gingrich explains it well.

As Written By Newt Gingrich for Fox News:

Would you believe that during his first year as commander in chief, President Trump hosted 43 world leaders at the White House. In total, he engaged or met with 149 world leaders in 2017. In 183 calls, the president spoke with leaders from 51 countries. Not exactly the lack of connectivity his critics expected a year ago.

When Trump won the election, his critics expressed great concern about his apparent lack of preparation and experience in foreign policy and national security.



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