Democrat Took $50K From Taxpayers To Keep A Former Staffer Quiet

Another Democrat is accused of using taxpayer funds as ‘hush funds’ to keep another accuser quiet about sexual harassment. Amazing isn’t it? How long has this REALLY been going on in Congress? How many people really knew about it and covered it up? Now, thanks to Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein, it’s all coming out in the open.

Similar to the events that have been happening in Hollywood with Harvey Weinstein and others, sexual harassment victims are coming out by the droves in Washington, DC, as well. You might say the shades have been drawn open and the light is being shined bright on sexual harassment and the victims involved. Victims are coming out of the woodwork. Here’as another Democrat that seems to have paid a victim to keep quiet.

Another victim is shedding some light on Democrat, Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva.

From the Daily Caller,

The top Democrat on the



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