Democrat Senator Warns Republicans After Revision of the Tax Code

[VIDEO] In this video you will see Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer running his mouth against the GOP tax bill that was passed. The Senator gave out the usual Democrat talking points to be used as sound bites by the mainstream media. The points were either exaggerations or they were outright lies. 

Senator Schumer warned the Republicans that they would rue the day that they passed this revision of the tax code. I say that in a few months, Mr. Schumer will rue the day when he starts eating his words. The American people are not as ignorant as he thinks that they are. Only the alt-left head nodders will accept what he says and try to cash it at the bank. Giid luck with that.

As Written and Reported By Pam Key for Breitbart:

Tuesday during a press conference on Capitol Hill as the House of Representatives passed the tax bill, Senate Minority Leader



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