DEMOCRAT SCANDAL: Elected Detroit Judge Collects $140,000 Salary But Never Showed Up For Work!

Democrat elected Judge Kahlilia Davis is in hot water after it was discovered that she collected a $175,000 salary, but had never shown up for work.

Davis became an elected District Court Judge in Michigan’s 36th District in January 2017. There are currently 29 other judges in this circuit who show up to work every day. Kahlilia however, until last week, hadn’t shown up to work one single time since being sworn in.

To make matters worse, after she finally did show up, Davis sued her boss, Nancy Blount, chief judge of the court for removing her from the bench presiding over cases.

“based on your demonstrated inability to perform her duties … you, Judge Kahlilia Y. Davis, are hereby prohibited from presiding over any 36th District Court cases.”

Rob Wolchek did a story about how Judge Kahlilia Davis hadn’t come to work ever since she’d been elected

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