Democrat Corruption Scandal: NH Representative Pleads Guilty to Assaulting a Citizen

Democrat Katherine Rogers, a New Hampshire state representative, refuses to resign after being charged and pleading guilty to physically assaulting a citizen.

Numerous New Hampshire voters and state representatives are calling for Rogers’ resignation, but she refuses to budge.

Rogers, the 2017 ‘Humane Legislator of the Year’, pleaded guilty to the assault charge as part of a plea deal that would help her avoid jail time. The Democrat representative also avoided any type of fine, but was forced to attend anger management classes.

Rogers is serving her sixth term in the House, representing Concord Wards 8-10. She served as Merrimack County Attorney from 2009-2011.

The assault happened during a state Senate ballot recount in November 2016 against a Republican observer who was there to watch a recount.

Susan Olsen, a gun-rights activist, claims that when she asked for the ballots to be moved closer so she could better see them, Rogers, who



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