Delusional Liberals Create Alternative Universe for President Hillary

Desperate democrats have devised an alternative universe where their demagogue Hillary Clinton is President.

The American left has been up in arms over the election of Donald J. Trump for weeks, with many purely in denial, and many others lashing out violently and uncontrollably against their fellow countrymen.  Now, a group of leftist webmasters have created a utopia for those still seeking an alternate reality.

“Liberals seeking refuge from reality now have a fake news website where they can pretend to live in a world where Hillary Clinton is president.

“’Approval ratings for President Clinton hit 89 percent,’ ‘Confused by fake news, Redditers think Trump is president’ and ‘DOJ considers charging Trump with treason’ are just a few headlines featured on, a satirical news site devoted to covering stories from an alternate universe where Hillary won last November’s election.

“’In the midst of a Constitutional crisis, this is our response,’ the site’s…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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