Delaware to Allow Kindergartners to Choose Own Race and Gender Without Parental Consent

Children as young as 5 years old will be allowed to choose their own race and gender identity without approval from their parents under new legislation proposed in Delaware.

The proposed anti-discrimination policy for Delaware public schools has both parents and state legislators up in arms.

Last summer, Gov. John Carney had instructed DOE to deliver clear identity guidance to school districts and charter schools. His focus was to “prohibit unlawful discrimination in educational programs and activities for students, on the basis of any legally protected characteristic.” It was to include: Race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity. It was in response to pressure from transgender students and their parents.

READ: Will Scott Baio Bring Happy Days Back to Bankrupt California? The proposed Delaware gender policy would effectively allow students to change their gender identity in learning institutions at the discretion of educational administrators.

The rule allows students to make



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