Decorated World War II Vet Dies In Hospital While Nurse Is Laughing

Two nurses and one aide have now been indicted following the death of veteran James Dempsey who was filmed begging for help in a Georgia health center. James Dempsey, a World War II veteran, was 89 at the time of his death.

None of this information would have been made public if Dempsey’s family hadn’t stashed a hidden camera in his room where they collected footage of a nurse laughing and then later lying to the family’s attorney about the actions taken that night to keep him alive.

Dempsey’s death occurred during a night shift in 2014 and warrants have only now been issued for the three main suspects.

The Charges

Indictments against the three women, announced late Tuesday, are as follows:

Former licensed practical nurse (LPN) Loyce Pickquet Agyeman has been charged with Felony Murder and Neglect to an Elder Person.

Former LPN Wanda Nuckles has been charged



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