Death Toll Rises As Our Police Continue To Be Under Attack;We Must Act To Protect Them

San Antonio Detective Benjamin Marconi was the 60th officer shot to death this year. An ambush-style attack does not necessarily involve someone lying in wait for police officers; it’s any shooting designed to catch police off guard and put them at a disadvantage. White men are responsible for most police slayings, and the majority of people shot and killed by police are white.

A total of 60 law enforcement officers have died in firearms-related incidents in 2016, marking a 67 percent increase since 2015, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reported.

Citing a preliminary report from January 1 through November 23, the organization said that Texas has seen the most fatalities this year with 18. So far, 130 officers have died nationwide.

The worst single attack was in July, when a black military veteran killed five white officers at a protest in Dallas — the deadliest day for…



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