David Frum’s 9/11 Tweet Proves He’s Like Kathy Griffin Without Class & Nuance

“The 9/11 spirit, 16 yrs on,” he tweeted, linking to a Politico article published on 9/11 with the headline: “Antifa, white supremacists exploit loose gun laws.”

He captured a portion of that article, which read:

In interviews with POLITICO, some current and former law enforcement officials said Charlottesville was only one of many recent clashes that easily could have turned deadly. Many front-line officers have been reluctant, or outright afraid, they said, to wade into a teeming mass of armed and violent protesters and militia members, which often have close ties to right-wing extremists.

The article continued:

“If I was out there, I would have been very, very, very concerned,” David Chipman, a 25-year veteran federal agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, said of the recent rallies, demonstrations, and other flashpoints.

“You are dealing with a charged situation where hostilities



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