Dangerous! Six Volcanoes Across The Globe Are Threatening To Erupt

When you have six volcanoes, and they all bear close watching, you could have some serious worldwide problems on your hands. Out of the hundreds that scientists are watching, there are six that have scientists worried. The supervolcano in Yellowstone Park is, thankfully, not one of those at the moment. One of them, however, is in the United States as you will read below.


The eruption of Mount Agung on the island of Bali has sparked worldwide media interest, yet volcanic eruptions in Indonesia are nothing new. Of the country’s 139 “active” volcanoes, 18 currently have raised alert levels, signifying higher than normal seismic activity, ground deformation or gas emissions. On a global scale, in any week in 2017, there were at least between 14 and 27 volcanoes erupting.

Most observed volcanic activity takes place along the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region around the Pacific Ocean where



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