Dallas, Texas Just Ticked Off Allen West

Former Congressman Allen West lives in Dallas, Texas and he is an unhappy citizen today. The champion of conservative causes was ambushed in his own home by an employee of the city. While Mr. West was minding his own business, a city employee snuck up and left a fine upon his front door. An actual case of taxation without representation is what most fines are. Here is what happened and why there is a bad smell in Dallas today.

As Written By Allen B. West:

If there’s one thing that unnerves me, ok, angers me, more than anything else it is the arrogance of government.

I especially become enraged when common sense evades those bestowed with the “powers of government” and they become dispatchers of tyranny. And so it was today that absurdity came to my doorstep, literally.

I had a great time today with the men and women of the Commercial



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