Dallas School Ceiling Collapse Uncovers Catastrophe: ‘Yes, it’s rats. It’s rats everywhere.’

Dallas ISD runs on a yearly budget of $1.5 million dollars yet somehow in the heavily Democrat controlled school district little seems to be reaching the classrooms, schools or students!

One Dallas school has both parents and students outraged and scared as they watch teachers don hazmat masks after a ceiling collapsed, while the students were required to enter the school without any such the protection.

To make matters worse, the collapse seems to have uncovered even more serious issues like mold and pests.

“Yes, it’s rats. It’s rats everywhere,” student Semaj Tutton said to WFAA.

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To make matters worse, Dallas ISD made a concerted effort to keep parents in the dark about the collapse as long as they could.

Parents are voicing concern after only letters came out five days after the incident happened.

“What bothers me is



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