Cyberwar Coming To Inauguration Day

Yet another facet of the liberal battle against Trump’s inauguration will be a cyberwar against

New plans have been revealed by left-leaning agitators in which the rabble-rousers plan to attempt the crashing of on inauguration day.  This latest planned action comes as the #DisruptJ20 movement has published their own manifesto of anarchy for January 20th.

“A leading public-relations service blasted and then removed a news release this week highlighting a campaign to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump by crashing

“PR Newswire, a global news-release distribution service, circulated a release on Thursday highlighting a campaign launched by, a digital protest organizing platform, to ‘take down’ the White House website next Friday in protest of Trump’s inauguration.

“’On January 20th, hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to Washington, DC to march in protest of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Millions more around the country will be joining…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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