Curse Of Kaepernick Finally Over? 49ers Finally Won A Game (A Week Ago, Over The Awful, Injury-Devastated New York Giants)

Call it an indication of the general declining sense of urgency regarding the National Football League that we are just so happening to be getting around to this story about a week after the fact. But anyhow Colin Kaepernick’s former teammates on the San Francisco 49ers FINALLY won a game on Sunday, November 12.

The 49ers prevailed 31-21 at home at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara over the hapless, severely-compromised-by-injuries, now 1-8 New York Giants.

By winning, it became possible to extend the relatively obvious mocking of the team nickname, just with a shift at this point from “San Francisco 0-9ers” to “San Francisco 1-9ers.” (That general idea will work until at least Week 12 of the NFL Season/Sunday, November 26, as the 49ers have their bye week Week 11; Had the 49ers lost, it just wouldn’t sound right to call them the “San Francisco 0-10ers,” even as more



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