Creepy CNN cracks open ‘WhiteTruckGate’

CNN, the cable “news” network whose motto is “Facts First,” is the outlet credited with breaking the story of the latest Trump administration scandal, which was subsequently picked up by Newsweek.

In the original story, which first appeared on Wednesday, CNN reported that an unmarked white box truck was parked in a position that prevented its cameras from recording the president engaged in some nefarious activity that involved a yard-long stick and a dimpled white ball.  That’s “golf,” for those in Rio Linda, as Rush Limbaugh might say.

When the cameras were re-positioned to get a clear shot, the truck was moved to obscure the view, as though it had been prompted to do so.

Late yesterday, CNN determined that a vast right-wing conspiracy seemed to be at work.

According to Deadline Hollywood:

Thursday, Brianna Keilar told CNN viewers, “We’ve done some digging,” and learned the truck was parked in



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