“Creeper Ghost” Proves You Can Take It With You

“There’s A Ghost In The House” (Image: MGN)

A Chicago couple looked back through their security footage to find that a burglar in white and broken into their home. He has been named the “Creeper Ghost.” He moved so silently that he didn’t even wake up the dogs that were sleeping at the feet of the homeowners.

When you think of Chicago, the last thing that passes through your mind is ghosts. You think of the accent or all the old mafia movies that you watched as a kid. Not ghosts. Well, the Chicago residences Jordan Buranskas and Jack Mackercher would have agreed with you. Yet, when they looked through their surveillance footage of the house, they changed their minds.

As most stories begin, Jordan had lost her purse. Which as all the women out there know can be a common occurrence, and like most men, Jack was not being helpful to…



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