Crazed Reaction To Trump On NFL Kneel-Squad – Because They Know He’s Going To Win This One

You can spend your life having your feelings jerked around by Trump – or not.  It’s up to you. This especially applies to fans of NFL players who disrespect America

The preternatural genius of “Trump,” the phenomenon, is that so much of what he does forces us to cut our own crap.  In that way, he’s really good for America.  The entire world should be so lucky.

I’m not saying he controls the phenomenon he induces, or that he manipulates us.  Rather, the communication tactics that come naturally to him reveal the inconvenient truth about situations and reveal us for who we are.

If you believe in a provident God, perhaps you will consider the possibility that He is letting Trump do this because we need it.  We’ve been sinking into the quicksand of triangulating, virtue-signaling self-righteousness for too long.  Instead of genuine character, we celebrate the mouthing



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